White Privilege I.D. Card $4.99 - Buy 2 get 1 FREE! Free Shipping #whiteprivilegecard #whiteprivilegeID #whiteprivilege

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Assert your White Privilege with this hilariously sarcastic I.D. Card! Enjoy the convenience of free shipping when you buy two - with the third card absolutely FREE! The perfect gift for any fan of racial comedy. #whiteprivilegecard #whiteprivilegeID #whiteprivilege

The White Privilege I.D.® Card features a BOLD, GOLD design on THICK, CREDIT CARD style PLASTIC!  Only $4.99  All "White" people are given these at birth, so whether this is a replacement, or new to your life, this a must have in your wallet!  This sturdy, all purpose I.D. will get you out of all tickets, get you things for free, and allows you to do WTF you want to!  Feel the real life power of #WhitePrivilege as your credit score soars to all time highs!  Order Today, Extra Benefits TOMORROW!  *guarantees not actually guaranteed  ;)

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